Speed Cameras for Mercedes MBUX Nav + Guide - July 2024

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Speed Cameras for Mercedes MBUX systems

✔️ Fixed speed cameras
✔️ Mobile speed cameras
✔️ Traffic lights with camera Mobile speed cameras
✔️ Limited Traffic Zones
✔️ Installation Guide in PDF
✔️ Personalised support via email/chat

Differentiate on the map by type!


The purchase is single, NOT a subscription! 🥳
Speed cameras do NOT expire, you can use them forever!

Based on the latest European databases.

With SOUND and ACOUSTIC alerts (optional) integrated into the navigation system of your Mercedes:

Only a computer and compatible USB stick are required for installation.

✔️ No system modifications required. Does not invalidate the warranty.

🎉 100% satisfied customers. Reviews on all MERCEDES social groups!

⭐ We are the first site for speed cameras on MBUX systems with illustrated installation guide and support via email/chat.

👨‍💻 For the simple installation you only need a compatible USB stick

How does the "subscription" option work?
Automatic updating saves you more than 50% compared to single purchase. You can stop, pause, cancel or change the frequency of the update at any time, independently.
(You will be charged every two months for the bimonthly update).

Every 3rd day of the month you will receive your updated speed cameras directly via email.
Read more about automatic updates here.

More information here:


Every month we update the database and, if you wish, you can download the updated package again for the price of a coffee. The package does not expire and will continue to work indefinitely, even if you do not update it.
If you want to update it, visit this page.


Speed ​​cameras are compatible with cars equipped with MBUX system with software version FUP1, FUP3 or later. Mercedes cars from 2018 onwards are usually equipped with the MBUX system.
Compatibility with cars produced from 2018 onwards is not guaranteed, it is necessary to check that your car is equipped with the MBUX system with software version FUP1, FUP3 or later.

Not all types of speed cameras may be available for all countries.

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sabrina betassa

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Ettore Coffano

Autovelox Mercedes MBUX con Guida installazione - Luglio 2024

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Autovelox Mercedes MBUX con Guida installazione - Luglio 2024

Amedeo Rosa
No Bumps

The website indicated that the download would also include the Bumps, but these were not present.

rinaldo donati

Con l'aggiornamento MBUX 2024 il vostro software è bloccato quindi inutilizzabile e voi continuate a venderlo.
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