FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Do the packages have an expiry date or a subscription fee?

No! Our packages never expire, once purchased you can use the speed cameras in your car indefinitely. The purchase is a one-off and the speed cameras are yours forever.

You can later decide to buy one of our updated packages to keep up with the new speed camera locations throughout Italy.

Is the procedure difficult?

No, our guide allows you to install speed cameras in your Mercedes on your own, without any technical knowledge. Basically, you just have to copy and paste them onto a standard USB stick and insert it into the vehicle.

Does putting in speed cameras invalidate the warranty?

Absolutely not! Your warranty is safe!

The display of third-party POIs on Mercedes MBUX systems is allowed natively by the system. The procedure does not make any changes to the car or the MBUX system, but simply displays the speed cameras on the map as if they were normal points of interest.

If I don't succeed can I contact you or get a refund?

Of course, you can contact us via our email address or dedicated chat and we will provide you with all the support you need to solve the problems.

A refund is not compulsory as this is a digital product and the download is available immediately. If you are unable to complete the process or have purchased in error, please contact us with video proof of good faith and we will certainly be happy to refund your purchase.

Which Mercedes models are compatible?

You can find this information on our home page, in the compatibility section!

Which USB sticks are compatible?

Generally all USB sticks, you can try the ones you have at home. Do not use a flash drive that is too old or too slow. You may need an adapter to connect the stick to your car.

If you need to buy one, we recommend this model, which has both a classic type A USB port for connecting to any computer and a type C port for connecting to your Mercedes.

What is the shipping time for physical products (usb sticks, chargers, etc.)?
Delivery time from the time of purchase usually varies between 14 and 21 days. All shipments are traceable.